Evolutionary digital

Humans are driven by instinct

This understanding has been the cornerstone of each digital experience we’ve built since we started back in 2003. We keep adapting, so that our clients can evolve.

Understanding what drives people

As students of human behaviour, we observe and measure your users to gain insight into what drives them. We’re fascinated by what makes people tick. Because we know that’s ultimately what makes people click.

Our natural curiosity has helped us master complex development; it’s in our DNA. We know that the best experiences feel effortless. If we’ve done our job well, your users won’t even know we were there.

Our difference

Our difference is that we design based on what triggers human attention, drives decisions and inspires action. We specialise in user experience design and sophisticated web development, and our supportive production team will guide you through the project with confidence and clarity.

Welcome to Monkii. Our instincts tell us we’re the digital partner you’ve been looking for.

What we do

Strategy & Consulting

With our wealth of digital experience, we can provide you with high-level strategic advice and consulting. This often involves stakeholder engagement and workshopping, to produce a clear and aligned digital road map.


Our design work doesn’t just win awards; it puts insight into action. Whether working with established brand guidelines or developing a digital presence from scratch, we craft experiences that drive decision-making elegantly and intuitively.

Project Management

Behind every great project is great project management. We are collaborators and communicators; open and honest with you, and with each other. We work in both agile and waterfall, depending on the needs of the project.


Understanding a problem is the first step to a great solution. That’s why we focus on identifying exactly what makes your organisation tick - and your users click. Interviews, workshops and analytics help paint a picture of exactly where your business is now, and where your users need it to go.


We are truly ‘technology agnostic’, with specialist development teams in both .NET and PHP. This flexibility allows us to produce considered and tailored solutions for your business – with digital, one size does not fit all.

Support & Partnerships

We provide ongoing support to clients, and pride ourselves on building fruitful long-term relationships (just ask one of our many 10+ year partners). Anything you need in the digital world; we’re just an email or phone call away.

Our Clients


Our public environmental sustainability policy is outlined below:

Monkii supports, encourages and assists staff members to use the resources provided effectively in order to reduce our everyday environmental impact.

We are committed to reducing our overall environmental impact through the use of environmentally sustainable practices within the work place and our activities.

The commitment to reduce our overall environmental footprint will be met by:

  • Understanding the environmental impact of our activities
  • Making changes to the way we operate in order to reduce our impact where appropriate
  • Ensuring all staff and contractors at Monkii are aware of our environmental policy, how they can contribute and the resources made available to them
  • Educating staff on environmental issues and ways we can reduce impact

To be sure these outcomes are achieved, Monkii has provided staff and contractors with our environmental impact policy, outlining all procedures and resources Monkii utilises to ensure environmental goals are met.

As a challenge to ourselves, Monkii will endeavour to continually reduce its ecological footprint annually by:

  • Striving to minimise office waste
  • Providing staff with appropriate resources to reduce overall environmental impact
  • Monitoring impact and making the appropriate changes to ensure impact decreases
  • Keeping ourselves informed and educated of new sustainability best practices

We aim to make changes each year in order to better our current ecological footprint.

Monkii offsets all emissions generated by the impact of our business using a mix of Greenpower and Verified Carbon Standard offsets. Our carbon offsets are supplied by Climate Friendly and address the root cause of climate change by funding renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our goal is to achieve formal government certification of carbon neutral business operations against the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

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