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BMW/MINI – Engage

The ultimate digital upgrade

Few brands say quality and performance like BMW. So when the company needed a new form of virtual showroom that would provide existing BMW owners with all the financial and vehicle options they required to upgrade at the end of their lease term, naturally they wanted a digital solution with performance and quality to match. Monkii helped steer them in the right direction.

BMW/MINI – Engage

Personalised Innovation

To help move End Of Term customer interaction into the digital realm from traditional offline mechanisms, Monkii devised a sleek new interactive showroom, personalised to each customer’s location and current repayment figures. With seamless sophistication, customers are able to explore their financing options from any device using a clever animated selection dial.

For the car owner, it makes the process of choosing an upgrade easy. For BMW, it helps build brand loyalty while providing valuable customer insights.

BMW/MINI – Engage

A global solution

Monkii’s solution has been so successful in Australia, that it’s been rolled out to the Korean and Japanese markets. 2015 is set to see this project go global. With India, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia and New Zealand all in the pipeline.

Key Features

  • Responsive site
  • Optimised for touch gestures
  • Interactive selection tool
  • Personalised user experience
  • Drives customer interaction
  • Custom reporting and conversion tracking
BMW/MINI – Engage