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Creative Partnerships Australia

Arts. Business. Donors. Connected.

Creative Partnerships Australia facilitates partnerships between artists, business and private donors to support and sustain creative industries in Australia.

As part of their shift from AbaF (Australia Business Arts Foundation), Creative Partnerships Australia approached Monkii to create a new website to clearly outline their new offering.

Creative Partnerships Australia

Arts support made easy

The site now offers a clear path for both artists seeking business and donor support as well as businesses interested in helping the arts. Vibrant imagery was used to showcase arts projects and with clear opportunities for businesses and philanthropists to become involved and contribute funds.

The new site was built using Monkii’s custom framework to offer easy navigation for various users, with news and events easily updateable. This beautifully designed site is responsive and works perfectly on any device. Never before has getting involved in the arts been easier!

Creative Partnerships Australia