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Leaseplan Grow

Grow together

LeasePlan, a world-leading provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management services, came to Monkii with a business plan for Grow. After years of success with big clients and big contracts, LeasePlan was creating a new offering for small businesses. Grow is now a wholly owned subsidiary, offering hassle-free solutions for small businesses that want to spend less time on vehicle management, and more time concentrating on growing their business.

Leaseplan Grow

New audience. New look.

The challenge for Monkii was to take a trusted brand and rework the design so that it would connect with new clients. Using LeasePlan’s colour palette, Monkii created a vibrant website to complement Grow’s approachable, small business skewed brand. The iconography, vector work and illustrative imagery also softened LeasePlan’s corporate edge. Both the design and copy were friendly and digestible with a clear and appropriate call to action: grow.

Monkii structured the website architecture around two key audiences: employers and employees. Monkii added an easy-to-use and powerful calculator, as well as a quick overview and case studies to help small businesses instantly grasp the Grow offering. The calculator was designed for users to easily input their salaries to calculate which vehicles they could afford.

The site’s mobile optimisation also reflected Grow’s commitment to best practice and a focus on the future.

Key features

  • Calculator for instant cost assessment
  • Created for two distinct audiences
  • Mobile optimised
Leaseplan Grow