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A novel app

Pearson is a world leader in education publishing. Monkii worked with this global brand to create an innovative and page turning catalogue app for tablets.

The catalogue app for classrooms is aimed mainly at teachers, but can also be used by parents and librarians. It works as a wholesale book-buying tool for sales representatives to compile lists. Teachers can now easily use the app as a wish list creator, then send their lists to sales reps as a new order.


Set list

Monkii took existing brand elements to create a sensational looking app that is also extremely functional. A set of icons was designed to represent individual books, series and DVDs to make list creation easy and fun.

Teachers can customise the app to be state specific, to suit their curriculum, and then filter for each year level. Once the list is created, they can also share and print their lists for other educators.

Pearson sales reps have found the app to be a fantastic way to reconnect with clients and generate sales.