Case study

BMW Finance

Few brands evoke quality and performance like BMW. So when the time came to upgrade their virtual showroom, this high-profile commercial client required an outcome that was up to the level they and their customers demanded.

The showroom needed to provide existing BMW owners looking to upgrade at the end of their lease with all the financing and vehicle options available. Information had to be accurate, easy to find, and presented through compelling visual design. Monkii steered them in the right direction – and continues to do so today.

BMW Engage won silver at the 2016 Melbourne Design Awards.

Workshopping, UX research, Design prototyping, Visual design, Web development, Hosting
2014 - present
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Personalised innovation

To help move customer interaction into the digital realm from traditional offline mechanisms near the end of a lease, Monkii personalised the interactive showroom to each customer’s location and current repayment figures. This complex functionality included tools such as calculators and URL-based pricing, utilising the Umbraco CMS and sophisticated Azure hosting architecture.

The seamless user experience enables customers to explore financing options from any device using a clever animated selection dial. For the car owner, it makes the process of choosing an upgrade easy. For BMW, it helps build brand loyalty while providing valuable customer insights.

A global solution

The success of the virtual showroom bolstered Monkii’s ongoing relationship with BMW Finance in Australia, for good reason. The product has also been rolled out on a global scale, including markets in Korea, Japanese, India, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia and New Zealand, making it one of the most successful and widely seen digital solutions we have created.