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Cardno is a global infrastructure, environmental and social development company operating in more than 100 countries and powered by a talented 6,000-strong workforce.

Monkii undertook the ambitious task of building a new global site; unifying an array of regional sites into a single industry-leading experience.

UX, Visual design, Web development, Support
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Showcase amazing work

Our first steps were to deeply understand Cardno, who they are, and the goals for the new website. The breadth of their projects and services is astounding – if you’ve ever been to a city, driven over a bridge or used public transport, chances are you’ve seen a Cardno build.

Add to this their inspiring work in international development and environment, and it’s clear that the primary goal of the site is to showcase Cardno’s project work, and ensure the organisation continues to evolve and inspire.

A matter of content

With a company as large as Cardno, deciding how to group and organise vast amounts of content is no small task. We worked with Cardno to create a detailed information architecture, which was then tested and validated with users. The resulting two-tier navigation structure enabled us to prioritise key content without limiting the site’s scope; it’s clear and easy to use.

Understated design

With so much interesting content to share, our vision for the design was one of understated, modern styling – let the content speak. Large imagery, restrained typography and generous space make for an enjoyable browsing experience. Dieter Rams said “Good design is as little design as possible” and we agree, keeping in mind another (seemingly contradictory) quote of his: “Good design is thorough, down to the last detail”.

Partial regionalisation

In our discovery phase we identified the need for both global content (which is the same no matter where you are in the world) and regionalised content (which varies per region).

Managing this content can be daunting – ideally you want individual regions to create only content relevant to them, while managing company wide information in one central place. It becomes increasingly complex when these types of content need to interact – it’s a logical and technical challenge!

Most out-of-the-box solutions struggle to deliver this granular control, so our star developers put their heads together and devised an elegant solution using ‘equivalencies’. It’s seamless for users and flexible for Cardno going forward.

Enterprise-grade content management

Cardno shortlisted Umbraco and Sitecore as CMS options, and decided in favor of Umbraco. Umbraco is able to deliver a more user-friendly content management experience, which we streamlined to make content creation flexible and intuitive without having to sacrifice enterprise grade features such as SSO, cloud hosting, and audit logs.

Another big factor for Cardno was the comprehensive user permission system that Umbraco could deliver out-of-the-box without any licensing fee. At the end of the day a great editing experience promotes better content, which delivers a better customer experience.