Case study


Superannuation is a constantly evolving industry that is fiercely competitive and increasingly segmented. CareSuper (an industry super fund with over 250,000 members) was facing a number of challenges with an old digital platform that was overly complicated and difficult to navigate. The site was no longer engaging with its core audience and had an inconsistent design and brand experience.
We partnered with CareSuper to design and build a digital platform that would connect with potential members, demystify the concepts of superannuation and develop tools that would enable the marketing team to adapt to new possibilities in a changing and competitive environment.

UX & Visual design system, Web development, CMS Implementation, Hosting
2017 – present
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Design Approach

Our approach was to first align with the business goals of the CareSuper team and understand it’s key user groups and their needs in the form of user journeys. We then followed a user-centred design process to ensure that all design decisions were validated through treejack and prototype testing.

Powerful & flexible

The new designs reflected the CareSuper identity and tone of the brand with a system of design components that can be repurposed and used by the team in a number of contexts and for different audiences.
The CareSuper website back-end was built using Drupal to make it easy to expand and maintain by the Monkii team, and to give the CareSuper team powerful and flexible content management tools.  The mobile-first, responsive front end is built to be fast and accessible using modern tools and frameworks, allowing for a great user experience both on mobile and desktop platforms.